We believe everyday style should have extraordinary quality

Elevating the way a garment is worn begins with the way it’s made

The only shirt worth wearing

We started by asking ourselves - what constitutes the perfect shirt? Versatility, durability, and most of all comfort. Through countless rounds of research and development, we've perfected a blend of fabrics that delivers on all accounts. From the workplace to a night on the town, Cuts is the only shirt worth wearing.

Durable, technical, yet so comfortable you'll want to live in.

Custom PYCA™️ fabric leads to unmatched style, innovative comfort, and the perfect fit.

Tailored in all the right places, but not too tight.

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Custom PYCA™️ fabric has led to unmatched style, innovative comfort, and the perfect fit

They created the only shirt worth wearing

Their ability to deliver technical yet fashionable shirts has heightened the standard of everyday attire

An everyday essential for the modern man