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Fresh, minimalist shirts you can trust year over year

How It All Started

In 2016, Cuts was created by Steven Borrelli when he found himself struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that had enough quality to be worn professionally at work yet also enough style for a night out.

No matter where we looked nothing fit the bill, so he took matters into his own hands by creating something new, a product you could be proud to wear anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing comfort.

A Custom Approach

It wasn’t easy, but after countless hours of research and way too much coffee, we custom engineered our own Pyca™ fabric. We knew we needed something durable yet breathable which our tri-blend fabric delivers and then some.

We’ve all been there before, you find a shirt that fits well but then it is limited in colors, styles or even worse, it disappears from existence since it is part of a one time seasonal collection. We’re changing that.

The Cuts Revolution

We believe the Cut of your shirt matters most, so we created, "Shop by Cut" where you can choose between three bottom Cuts (regular, split-hem, and elongated) and three collar options (crew, v-neck, and henley). Keeping what you wear most simple, yet sophisticated.

At Cuts, we are our own customers. We live the lifestyle. We are as authentic as it gets. Our promise is to keep you current with our styles, confident with the quality and ready for action with our versatility. We’re here for you and we’re here to revolutionize the way you shop.

Who We're Here For

Driven, confident, and contemporary, these are guys with a purpose. They believe they can have it all, and they’re passionate about living a well-rounded life. They demand versatile performance and considered solutions, delivered with originality and expression.

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